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About Us

It's no Surprise that many of the goods you purchase for your business today are made in China. china has become the World's Manufacturing Base. Globalization has resulted in huge strides in quality improvement by Chinese suppliers. And the Price is right! Until now, your challenge was "How do I tap into this resource without creating an entire international buying department?"

The answer is Sinogate Sourcing !

Sinogate Sourcing Ltd. is a company dedicated to helping business in the hospitality industry reduce operating costs by sourcing directly from experienced, high quality vendors in China.

Products offered for Hospitality Projects -

Building Material : Tiles, Wooden, Flooring, Glass, Composite Panels, Architectural Hardware, Bathroom fittings, Sanitary fittings etc.

Furniture : Room furniture, Outdoor furniture, Chairs, Mattress etc.

Lighting : All sorts of light fitting for indoor and outdoor applications.

Take a look at the Services we provide to our clients:

  • Supplier Search and Qualification

  • Negotiations and Quotation

  • Product Development

  • Production Scheduling and Monitoring

  • Quality Control

  • Packaging and Shipping

  • Insurance and Customs

Products Offered for Hospitality projects

  • Building Material : Tiles, Wooden Flooring, Glass, Composite Panels, Architectural Hardware, Bathroom Fittings, Sanitary Fittings, etc.

  • Furniture : Room Furniture, Outdoor furniture, Banquet and Lobby Furniture, Mattress, etc.

  • Lighting : All sorts of light fitting for indoor and outdoor applications.

  • Room Amenities: Safes, Minibars, Hair dryer, Kettles, Tea/coffee trays, Mirror Defogger, iron boards, telephones etc.

  • Housekeeping : Housekeeping trolleys, Dustbins, Cleaning equipments

  • Technology items : Electronic door locks, Touch Panel Switches, PIR lamps,

  • F&B : Kitchen equipments, cutlery, crockery, glassware, hollowware,

  • Textile : All kind of textile for Room, Bathroom and restaurants

  • Room supplies : All type of consumables

Sourcing products from China?

Partner with us and take the apprehension, uncertainty and complexity out of finding a Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer. We can assist you by:

  • Evaluation of reputable manufacturers

  • Selection of appropriate suppliers

  • Quality control of product manufacturing and branding

  • Production control (samples, capacities)

  • Guide your product to shipment

Negotiating with Chinese manufacturers to get the best price and good terms is always a struggle.

We are experienced, western managed, multi-cultural company that is familiar in this bargaining environment.

In fact, we are on the ground and fully engaged in China.

We get the best price possible.

We also help to remove the many layers of unnecessary padding of costs by going direct to you and removing the distributors, representatives and import/export agents.

If you are considering sourcing from China, some aspects of your potential venture to be considered are:

  • Who in China do I communicate with and how do I do that effectively?

  • How do I manage the purchasing process?

  • How do I ensure quality standards?

  • How do I coordinate shipping back to our company?

  • Are you getting the best possible price?

  • Are you getting consistent quality?

  • Do you really know who you are dealing with?

We know your market and understand your needs and pressures. We also know the supply base intimately and we have the purchasing power and reach to expose your project to the broadest spectrum of qualified suppliers.

Our experienced team includes project managers, quality inspectors, financial specialists and logistics managers, both in the India and on the ground in China. We handle your project from RFP to dock delivery and even direct distribution to your individual properties if needed.

Whenever you have a new construction or remodel project to plan, allow us to help starting in the design phase. You will be surprised and amazed at how much you can save and how much further your money will go.



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